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Six days in

I have been working out for 30 minutes every day since first of April – when I am back at work.

It’s weird to work out because I ache.

But I am not sure what is motivating me do work out.

And so far I like it.

I feel like I am doing something.

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It isn’t so bad

I am going to regret saying that.

So far I have nothing against this quarantine and self isolations.

I am still behaving and living my life as before, it just turned out I’m not really the type to go outside… except for shopping.

Or meeting my girlies, which I did over the internet.

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First quarantine weekend

I am not sure what I am making of this whole quarantine thing.

It feels just like a normal weekend but I have to meet my friends online instead.

On a different note, being stuck in doors at home, I’m doing more exercise because I am not distracted by other things.

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Second day of quarantine

I’m still feeling everything is normal.

The only different is that I have been doing a 30 minutes run since I got back from Japan and I kind of feel okay.

I did get cramps in my leg in the middle of the night though, because I am not usually a runner and it feels so weird running.